Fear of feminism?

The current media representations and dominant institutional and political debates characterize our age as such in which the global, historic fight for the rights of women has been won and gender equality has been achieved in every area of the social, political and cultural life. The need of a sharp, profound and intensive critique which would penetrate the essence of the problems arising from the gendered division, order and organization of social life seems like an image from the past that today we proudly learn about as a lesson in history and a closed chapter.

However, the state of the market and the division of labour, the cultural representations, the division of power, the organization of social institutions, the global migrations and gender-organized workforce mobility and labour evaluation, the unbreakable stereotypes in pop-culture, and the solid and normalized division of gender roles in the bipartite gender system, all point to the fact that sexism, misogyny and gender-based violence are still lurking from every corner of the media, the internet, and even more so, the domestic, social and political life. The stigmatization and smear campaigns directed against feminism which trivialize it presenting it as a movement which aims to subordinate men to women, and against all individuals and activists who define their political commitments as feminist, are the best example of the anxiety and prejudice of the conservative and provincial social state of mind, as opposed to feminism as a thought, movement and critique of the dominant social models of organization of the sex life.  

Motivated by this situation, we, the activists from Tiiiit! Inc., LezFem - Helsinki Committee of Human Right, Fight Like a Woman, and the Coalition 'Sexual and Health Rights of Marginalized Communities', have decided to organize a School of Feminism in order to initiate reconsideration of these prejudices and dilemmas, as well as stir critical thought aimed at the social activities and their conceptualization and models toward gender equality and transformation.

The school of feminism - 9 lectures.

Sisters outsiders - Regional Lesbian Forum

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The project ‘Education and Action for Promotion of Women’s Rights’ of Tiiit! Inc. is supported by USAID Civil Society Project implemented by Foundation Open Society – Macedonia.