Firstborn girl

For Feminist


Firstborn Girl (ПРВО ПА ЖЕНСКО) aims to promote diverse approaches in deliberating and (re)presenting gender in the art and critical practices by encouraging questioning of dominant narratives, challenging of stereotypes and opening safe and inclusive platform for the voices of the different minorities and marginalized groups to become part of mainstream narratives. As the only festival of feminist culture and activism in the country, ПРВО ПА ЖЕНСКО promotes feminism, contributes to the essential recognition of women's intellectual and creative production and supports the efforts of gender rights and LGBTQ+ activists. The interdisciplinary program is structured within several days of exhibitions, lectures, performances, concerts, presentations, panel discussions, book promotions, DJ sets, activities for children and youth, workshops etc, presenting various reflections of feminism in theory and art. Being rooted in feminist core values in all its aspects, the Festival fosters equality, nondiscrimination, care, inclusiveness, togetherness, solidarity, allyship and intersectionality as pillars of free, just and inclusive societies.